Multiflora Honey

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Honeybees that regularly feed on various wildflowers in the spring produce multiflora, also known as multi-flower natural honey. Depending on the nectar source, honey can have a wide range of colors and flavor profiles. There is no specific variety of multiflora honey because there are so many possible floral combinations. While some of the attributes of multiflora honey may vary every year, the core qualities remain consistent.


Health Benefits:


  • Antioxidant: It helps prevent free radicals and protects you from other chronic diseases.
  • Antibacterial: Kills harmful bacteria. It solves skin problems.
  • Anti-inflammatory: It helps reduce swelling, heals wounds and burns.
  • It is far better than antiseptic for healing burns and other injuries.
  • It provides you with big relief from cold and sore throat.
  • Also, it is a healthy drink that improves digestion.
  • No artificial colors or preservatives added.
  • Powerhouse of carbohydrates, natural sugars and minerals.
  • Natural and healthy sugar substitute
  • Perfect for daily consumption as it is low on calories.
  • Keeps away heart diseases as it is rich in antioxidants.
  • Liquid gold for your skin and hair.
  • Helps boost metabolism for a healthy and fit body.
  • Provides relief to sore throat and cold.
  • Helps in weight management and also aids weight loss.
  • Improves good bacteria in the intestine being a potent prebiotic.
  • Elevate energy levels by adding it to a pre or post-workout beverage.


Origin: India

Shelf Life: 12 months from the date of Packaging

Storage Instructions: Keep in cool & dry place