Baswant Jumbo Black Seedless Raisins 500gm (EAN Code - 8908003861364)

Discription :

EAN Code - 8908003861364

The Regular Indian Black seedless raisins is natural sweet snack.

Origin - Maharashtra, India

Variety - Jumbo/ Sharad

  • Baswant Jumbo Black Raisins Seedless Raisins are Natural Sun Dried, Bigger in size, Nutritious, Tasty and Healthy.
  • These raisins are made from 'RESIDUE FREE', Export Quality Jumbo Black grapes grown in Nashik region only.
  • These Jumbo Resins have medicinal Values, Raisin are Great Source of Anti oxidants, Good Source of Energy,
  • Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, Sodium Free, Suitable for children, youngsters and elders, 
  • Especially recommended for senior citizens and even diabetic patients.
  • Black raisin are fat free and cholesterol free hence good for heart health. A handful of kaali dark khismis daily can provide your body with carbohydrates, vitamin B, iron and potassium; Excellent for curing weakness, Anemia, Indigestion and Acidity
  • Stored in our Export Oriented Cold Storage.
  • Hygienically Vacuum Packed in Food Grade Poly Bag, Premium Attractive Outer Paper Box Directly from our Cold Storage to your Home, Perfect for Healthy Lifestyle.