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Green Zone Agrochem Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of agriculture based commodities specialised in Raisins. Our aim is to maximum value for our customers and associates. Our Mission is to provide highest quality Raisins to the Indian and overseas market. We belive in teamwork. The company is supported by a staff of qualified personals working for the up bringing of the company in the toughest market conditions. The team is involved in making constant R & D to further compete in the international market.

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Since ancient times, raisins have been valued as a form of preserving grapes so they would last through the winter months and could be more easily stored and transported. 28 Grapes were considered to be a nutritious and healthful food and raisins a good source of energy because of their high sugar content. Sun drying was seen as a natural way to produce raisins that not only gave them a particular intense flavor, but also maintained the delicate balance of nutrients of the original fruit.

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Why Raisins ?

Great Source of Energy

Potassium to Maintain Proper Blood Pressure

Fiber and Tartaric Acid for Digestive Health

Antioxidants to Reduce Risk Care and Heart Disease

Good for Weight Control and Heart Health

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Health Benefits

Raisins have been the object of phytonutrient research primarily for their unique phenol content, but these delicious dried grapes are also one of the top sources of the trace mineral, boron, in the U.S. diet.

Antioxidant Protection from Phenols

The phenols found in fruit have repeatedly been show to have antioxidant activity and to help prevent oxygen - based damage to cells in the body. The total antioxidant activity of many fruits and vegetables has been found to be exactly parallel to their total phenol content, and raisins take their place in this list right alongside prunes and apricots as an antioxidant - rich fruit. The flavonols (one type of phenol belonging to the flavonoid family) in raisins appear to be least affected by the grape-drying process, but raisins do contain fewer phenols than grapes since many of grape’s phenols are largely lost in the conversion of grapes to raisins. These phenols include the hydroxycinnamics (caftaric and coutaric acids), procyanidins, and flavan - 3 - ols.

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